Essay on Parental Control On Eating Lifestyle

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Analyzing parental control on eating lifestyle; when did I lose control on my teens’ eating habits? children are the most precious human capital, at the same time they are the most vulnerable age group. As a parent, you are responsible for all behaviors your children have, and you are playing an essential role in their life. How we can control their behaviors and how much we can be effective in their life, are always have been questioned for a long time. Children always make their parents as their role model and they take the values and traits of their parents. They would like to follow their parents’ cultures and traditions, and they appreciate it for shaping their personality just like them. However, this situation might be different for some parents whose children are not following their roles and their kids or teenagers are disobedient. Some parents may lose their control on their children and they will face up with many problems in their family structure. I am a mother of two kids and I think as a parent I have lost the control of my kids’ eating style. I am not as much as effective that I used to be before, and I realized that there are many factors have influenced on my children’s eating habits.
The aim of this article is to look into the factors that might have negative influenced on my kids and the other children. I also would like to analyze and discuss about the issues which have the powerful impact on changing children’s eating habits. Briefly, some of these…

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