Parental Alienation Syndrome A Family Therapy And Collaboration

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Parental alienation syndrome, at first the term was foreign to me, until after reading the definition I then noticed that not only did I understand its definition, but I could also relate it to my own personal life which was my reason for choosing this topic for my paper. Throughout my paper I will critique the credibility of the magazine article “Teaching Kids to Hate” published by Jose Fernandez of the American Bar Association in June 1988, by comparing it to the following educational journals: “The Parental Alienation Syndrome a Family Therapy and Collaboration” published by Laura G. Sweeney of Nova Southeastern University in 2014 and “Parental Alienation Critics and the Politics of Science” published by Deirdre C. Rand of Private Practice in 2011. “Teaching Kids to Hate” in this magazine article introduces children’s psychiatric professor Richard A. Gardner. During his profession at Columbia he studied children and created the term parental alienation syndrome or PAS which is explained in the article as one parent, the dominant, as having exaggerated hatred toward the other parent. The dominant parent than either consciously or subconsciously uses certain terms or events to get the child to hate the other parent “The court has no doubt… that the cause of the blind, brainwashed, bigoted belligerence of the children toward the Father grew from the soil nurtured, watered, and tilled by the Mother” (Fernandez 1). This syndrome is said to be a growing issue within…

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