Essay about Parent Involvement : An Anti Poverty Program

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Parent Involvement-Maria
Mexico continues to work in order to increase parental involvement in different communities. As a result, the government implemented an anti-poverty program called “Oportunidades”. Oportunidades focuses on helping poor families in rural and urban communities invest in human capital (, 2016). Parents have an option to participate in a program that aims to improve their child’s education, health, and nutrition from primary to high school grades. The vision of Oportunidades is to help families in need by investing in their children by providing families with a monetary compensation to send their children to school. The program attempts to match the income value that children would earn if they were working, rather than attending school. Moreover, by participating in the program, administrators give parents an opportunity to be involved and aware of the operational decisions and policies, and make schools more accountable (Gertler, Patrinos, & Rubio-Codina, 2012). In essence, parents are able to use their skills to beautify the program, purchase materials needed, and volunteer in classrooms.
Curriculum and Assessments-Maria
In Mexico, the government supplies free textbooks to students in the primary grades only. Thereafter, the government expects parents to pay for their child’s books. Clark (2013) indicates that the curriculum in both the public and private sector is broad and includes Math, Spanish, sciences, history, geography,…

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