Parent Interview Analysis : Parents Always Will Look For The Best For Their Children

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Parent Interview Analysis
Parents always will look for the best for their children. Education is one of the most important things that parents focus their attention. In these days, parents look for school with a high academic level but also they are looking for school where they can feel welcome and encourage to be part of their children’s education.
Parents play an important role in children’s education, when a child see their parents involved in the school activities, they feel proud and secure. Having the opportunity to interview a parent about their feeling about their participation in her child’s school, make me realize how important is to considerer parent’s involvement in all the activities in the school as well at home and in the classroom. According to Coleman, “as a teacher, you can support the parenting partnership in numerous ways. To begin, make yourself available to listen to parents’ concerns” (Coleman 2013, p. 25). As, my interviewee answered in one of the question, it is really important that teachers listen and create a back and forth way of communication. Listening to parents is one way to show respect and acceptance. As, the interviewee mentioned “Is really important that teachers inform parents how important is to work with children at home, specially doing the homework”, as Coleman states, “a group of research found a positive association between parental assistance with homework and children’s academic achievement” (Coleman 2013, p. 55).

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