Parent / Family Support And Student Success Essay

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Parent/Family Support and Student Success Parents and caregivers play an important role for all students in the college going process regardless of their background, ethnicity or economic status. Many studies have reported parent and family involvement as an essential component for FGCS and underserved populations in developing and pursuing their higher education aspirations (Cabrera & La Nasa, 2000; Choy, Horn, Nuñez, & Chen, 2000; Cooper, Cooper, Azmitia, Chavira, & Gullatt, 2002; Perna & Titus, 2005; Roderick et al., 2008; Smith, 2008). Additionally, many scholars have found that FGCS’s parents/families serve a critical function of student success by transmitting high expectations; reinforcing the value of education; and encouraging and motivating students fulfill their education and career aspirations (Cabrera & La Nasa, 2000; Dyce et al., 2013; Gofen, 2009; L. W. L. Perna & Titus, 2005; Strayhorn, 2010; Tierney, Corwin, & Colyar, 2005; Villalpando & Solorzano, 2005; Westbrook & Scott, 2012). This results in FGCS successfully transitioning to college, persisting in school and earning their college degree, thus breaking the intergenerational cycle of low postsecondary education participation among underserved populations (Tierney, Corwin, & Colyar, 2005).

University Relations with Parents & Families
Parent involvement in their child(ren)’s higher education experience has often been stereotyped with the term “helicopter parents”, which portray parent behavior related…

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