Parent And Parents: The Importance Of Reasoning Their Children

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Register to read the introduction… Reasoning with children helps them to understand better and they grow with the knowledge you give them. In most cases parents raise their children based on how they were raised. Where else some cultures or parents don’t believe in reasoning with children, they prefer their children to listen to them and obey their orders without questioning them. Some parents think that explaining, negotiating and arguing with children reduces a parents authority in a child’s eye. Some parents that don’t believe in reasoning to youngster often say children start to see themselves as being on the same level as parents, with the right to question any decision their parents make. Some parents think it is clearly detrimental to a parent’s ability to raise their children well. In my culture it is considered bad to talk back to your parent. Some parents believe is necessary to be strict, but they are not aware that being strict can make children to have poor listening

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