Parent Abduction Research Paper

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In 2002, 797,500 children were abducted. 203,900 of those children were abducted by someone they know; their parents. In 2002, the Department of Justice had a study published about kidnappings (CNN). This piece of information shows that in just one year, almost one-third of all the kidnappings was done by parents to their children. In the book Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller, the main character, Callie Tchorvos, was kidnapped by her mother at age five. She was taken away from her father and was forced to live her life on the run for a total of twelve years, returning back to her family only at age seventeen. Researching the topic of parental abduction (when a parent abducts their child) further, it reveals that it is happening more and more often, and is a severe issue in the current world. There has been a 38% increase in parents kidnapping their children ( In 2010, there were over 213 cases reported that a spouse had taken their son or daughter. Jobe Felton and Yemi Elegunde were two children who were taken from their families by their parents ( Parental kidnapping usually occurs when the spouses are in a custody dispute (Gibbs 14), and results in the child being abused …show more content…
This terrible idea causes physical, emotional, and mental damage to the children, along with emotional damage to the parent who gets left behind. Jobe Felton and Yemi Elegunde are two real-life examples of the effects of parental kidnapping. Physical injuries were recoverable, but the damage done mentally was always to remain. Overall, parental abduction is not something that only happens in a book; it is something that is real and happens today. It tears apart families even more and causes utter devastation in many people’s lives. Nothing can be done, except to hope that all the children being taken away from their families are returned to their home safely and

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