Parallel Characters In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

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In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the concept of coming full circle- or having a plot point that evolves and eventually recurs later in the story transpires multiple times. This concept is present through the use of parallel characters, themes, opinions and plots. An example being, Neville and Peter Pettigrew. Both small, somewhat nervous, young wizards that the sorting hat miraculously places into gryffindor- the house of bravery- and have popular, somewhat famous friends. Even with these similarities they occupy they have different fates. One of them succumbs to their fear and is culpable for his best friends ' deaths. Where the other faces his fears every day until he conquers them. The most notable and relevant parallel characters …show more content…
He is the first adult in Harry’s life to be honest with him, show him kindness, tell him about his parents and care for him unconditionally. When Harry and Hagrid first meet, Hagrid locates at the hut-on-the-rock. The hut-on-the-rock is where the Dursley’s flee to trying to prevent Harry- their nephew- from receiving his Hogwarts acceptance letter. However, Hagrid forces his way into the hut by breaking down the door implying that Hagrid is strong, powerful and possibly violent. Nevertheless, the first thing he says when he comes in is, "Couldn 't make us a cup o ' tea, could yeh? It 's not been an easy journey..."(Rowling 35). He addresses Harry, informing him that they met in Harry’s infancy and acknowledges Harry’s semblance to his parents. This is significant because it’s the first time Harry’s parents have been spoken of in fondness rather than spite. The Dursley’s have strict rules dictating what they deem appropriate, decent and normal topics for Harry to think and speak of. They react sorely to any question or curiosity Harry has about his parents, past or anything ‘abnormal’. Overall, they much prefer Harry to scarcely speak. Hagrid gives Harry a birthday present, and reveals Harry is a wizard. It takes a while for Harry to fully believe him, but Hagrid reassures him and scolds the Dursley’s in outrage, when they object to this truth. Hagrid continues to care for Harry throughout the series, sending him letters, inviting him down for tea, giving him gifts for on holidays, and supporting and encouraging him. In The Deathly Hallows, the theme of coming full circle is present in relation to Harry and Hagrid twice. First, when Harry leaves Privet Drive for the last time each of the seven Harry Potters are entrusted to someone of age, whether is be an auror, a Weasley, Remus Lupin or in the real Harry’s case; Hagrid. “‘An’ you’re with me, Harry. That all righ’? Said Hagrid’”

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