Paragraph On Lake Pollution

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The purpose of this paper is to explain the pollution of lakes, harmful effects, and preventative measures it will take to save the lake and surrounding environment. A lake is more susceptible to becoming contaminated because it contains a form of layers that have reduced levels of oxygen. What Americans don’t know is that they contribute to polluting lakes through growing food and crops that eventually send contamination to the water. The causes of pollution could prevent the usage of water and natural functions. It is an unwelcome source that has destroyed most of the environment mainly caused by humans and natural causes. The way humans live in a packed environment limits the amount of room in the world is one of the factors of lake pollution. …show more content…
Materials such as aluminum, plastic, and other organic chemicals have contributed to the pollution, which are better known as non-biodegradables. There must be an identification of the material or sources that are causing the pollution and prevent waste and debris being thrown into the lakes. Humans are one of the most influential factors of pollution. People all over the country should be more cautious of what they are throwing into lakes. A main source of pollution comes from farmers that plant and grow crops in their fields. Certain types of fertilizers and chemicals can be a major cause of why lakes are becoming contaminated. Some of these lakes contain organic chemicals such as lead or mercury, which can cause harm to humans that could lead to death. Some pollutants that lakes contain include soil particles that have washed up on the shore by other areas of water. Heat may also be a major factor in freshwater pollution because it can cause a runoff through warm or hot weather. When it gets close to the shore it can cause the water to become an …show more content…
To ensure that pollution does not get out of hand there needs to be rules set in order to keep the environment clean. For the citizens residing in the area, there should be a maintenance of yards or lawns, making sure the grass stays cut short and keeping it from blowing into storms drains that connect to the lakes. Keeping debris out of the streets will also reduce organic matter from flying into the storm drains. In dealing with farmers, they should install a better system that will help regulate the draining process. Managing their nutrients and manure will ensure better water sources and maintaining the management plan when it comes to laying down manure in their fields. The city itself can contribute to spreading the word on the street and educating people about trying to keep the streets and lakes clean from pollution. They can enforce picking up animal waste and feces so that it will not become contaminated. If everyone around the city would do their jobs, the environment could stay clean and lakes would not become polluted with unnecessary chemicals or

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