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There is nothing healthy in junk food
There no junk foods that are really healthy foods. Healthy foods give the body many nutrients, giving to the body system all the necessary tools to function correctly. While junk food gives a small amount of product that gives the body a big amount of sugar and fats, increasing the risk to get a disease. Junk foods gives a bad impact to people lives causing obesity, while healthy food enlarge the lives of the ones that choose to consume it, keeping them apart of diseases and keeps the heart functioning for a longer time.
Junk foods are not classified as healthy foods. First of all junk foods are full of fats, carbohydrates and calories. Some examples of junk foods are; French fries, snack bars and chips.
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During an interview with a future nutritionist, she explains why is junk is really bad for people, saying that junk foods remove complete all the nutrients and that is very high in calories, that there is only empty products full of air and sugars. Since they are products high in sugars and fats, that causes inflammation on the belly and sometimes it causes digestive problems as well. Adding that are multiple options to substitute the high calories foods. (Lopez, 2015). This explains the huge difference between junk and really healthy food. Healthy food is fundamental to the functioning of the body. It helps the body to function correctly giving it the nutrients and vitamins necessary, but not only the body in the inside, but in the outside, it gives nutrients to the hair and face, but most importantly if hydrates people skins, making them soft and clear. It gives energy and helps the brain and heart to function for a longer time. Each fruit and vegetables have different properties that help hearts to live …show more content…
It is just empty food with hundreds of facts and sugar with no nutrients. Foods that are full of fats and carbohydrates only stays on the abdominal area making the body to gain weight. Also besides body diseases have been guaranteed that excess of junk food can cause depression and anxiety. As well as an addiction that makes people only want to eat junk food. Lopez Student also expresses than even if people do not believe it, eating too much junk food also affects the brain forcing it due lack of nutrients . That is why healthy is essential to the body to work perfectly. It cannot be forgotten the part when people eat healthy also helps the brain to work normally and not get forced. For example if we do not give to the brain the right nutrients necessary the brain will be forcing itself and that is how vision starts decreasing. (Lopez, 2015). Also healthy foods are whole foods; no conservatives added neither chemical product. A good way to start choosing the right foods us to start looking at the nutrition facts in all the products in that way people know what are the benefits that the product will give to the body before consuming

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