Paragraph On Blitzkrieg

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Register to read the introduction… The definition of blitzkrieg contains an intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory. In a blitz one could use tanks for an on-land attack, naval ships for a water approach and planes for an airstrike. Germany performed an air strike on Great Britain. To perform an airstrike one would need planes, but Germany was restricted to use air craft as stated in Treaty of Versailles. This war immediately violated what the Treaty of Versailles had put into place for Germany. “She [Germany] was not allowed an air force. She was allowed only 6 capital naval ships and no submarines.” (n. pag. History Learning Site) In the Blitzkrieg, between one-thousand and two-thousand planes were used. The Blitzkrieg didn’t open the eyes of other countries that were in the League of Nations after World War II probably because they were not informed of the incident yet. Britain realized how strong Germany had become, stronger than ever before. In every war that made history there was some form of allies. The country of Great Britain had the United States of America and France as allies. The names of those three were the allied powers. France had surrendered to Germany in the early stages in World War II, more specifically July 10, 1940. The reason why France was occupied by Germany was a result of the defeat in Battle of France. France couldn’t help Great Britain with their problems because they had problems of their …show more content…
The Treaty of Versailles was a document that tried unsuccessfully to solve the problems after World War I. There exist four division of the Treaty of Versailles; territorial, military, financial and general. In the territorial part Germany had to give back any land they had took during World War I. Germany had many colonies in Africa that provided them with salt, gold and many other natural resources, but they had to give those colonies back. Germany had no such income because most of their revenue came outside of the country. The demilitarization is another part of the Treaty of Versailles. The Versailles Treaty limited the Germany army to one-hundred thousand men; Germany could not have any hard artillery, poison gas supply, tanks, air craft, and airships. Only naval vessels under one-hundred thousand tons were allowed and no submarines. As one can see, Germany was left vulnerable. On the financial side of Versailles Treaty, Germany had to pay war expenses which were six-thousand six hundred million in euros. Now how can Germany pay those radical expenses without any income because the land that Germany made money off of they had to give it back. Germany paid the allied powers for a while, but then stopped once Adolf Hitler came to power in January 1933 and said that Germany was not going to pay anymore. The League of Nations did absolutely nothing. Germany kept testing the League of

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