Paragraph On Ancient Indian Architecture

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Ancient Indian architecture
Indian architecture goes all the way back to 2500 BC. In the Harrapan period in northern India now called modern Pakistan The Harrapan’s built big cities with large stone walls around them huge public baths and large warehouses but after the Harrapan empire crashed in 2000 BC two thousand years went past before anybody in India built a big stone building again.

What did they build back then?
When Indian architects started building big buildings again they started with wood because no one knew how to build big stone buildings that wouldn’t fall down. Architects started building solid stone building which were basically mounds of dirt or dung covered in stone or brick like the pyramids in Egypt the people
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Some of the most known Indian civilisations are the Ajanta caves about 30 cut monuments and statues, which dates back to the second century to about 480 to 650 CE. The caves are full of art and sculptures made by the government like ginormous statues of budda and paintings and writings of the Jataka fables. Another well know civilisation is the Indus valley civilisation which was established about 5000 years ago a few settlements were built on the river banks covering about 1.25 million metres of land which is now parts of Afghanistan Pakistan and north-west …show more content…
In Ancient India there was Harrapan, Mauryan, and Gupta Architecture.

The Harrapan buildings were the first Indian buildings which were in the Indus Valley civilisation these settlements were high brick houses with large walls to keep out enemies most of the houses were very ordinary with square rooms all based around a courtyard. Some families would have the whole house for themselves and their slaves but others might have rented just the one room and the whole family had to fit in there together. The rulers would have built large bathing areas and warehouses to store wheat and Barley the used arches underground for drainage or a foundation for buildings.

The Mauryan architecture started when Buddhism became a popular religion, the Indians needed different buildings that were to the Buddhist way so in about 250 BC the emperor Ashoka built the Sanchi stupa which is a large solid brick dome that was used to store relics and statues of

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