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• The subway is an underground railroad that is used by many New Yorkers. The subway is one of the most important modes of transportation in New York City. Every day is a different day in the subways. The subway has 27 different lines, and these different lines are A, C, E, B, D, F, M, G, L, J, Z, N, Q, R, W, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and S. The subway was created in 1904, and ever since, the subway has been one of the fastest and cheapest transportation in New York City to get around.

• The subways have always gone under construction and reconstruction. One of the trains that are under reconstruction and is reopening since their closure is the T line, which was discontinued 50 years ago, and lasted for the same amount of years. The train will
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Most of the time when I go on the trains, there are packed and congested. Inside the trains, I always see many different ads. Many of the ads I see on the train however are not in English, but in languages like Spanish, and French. Sometimes next to the ads, there are different works of arts hanged around inside of the trains. The arts in the train show many different people creative interpretation of what the subway is. Usually, the art on the subway is what intrigues me the most.

• In different subways, I always see three different types of train car. These train cars are the R32 (dark black seats with yellow wallpaper), R42 (the cars with light blue chairs and white ceilings), and the R46 (the chairs that are orange & yellow). Of the three styles, I believe that the R42 style is more spacious comparing to others.

• Looking outside of the subway train, I look carefully of the design of how each station was created and every station design was created very differently, some of them being very exotic, while other stations are very basic. For example, in Times Square, they usually have a comic/retro design type of design in their subway station. Some subway stations are not underground, but there are aboveground
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• In the subway, I see large diversity of people with different class and race riding the subway trains and many various different looks and styles. I see some looks and dress very good and stylish from business professionals to artists but most people are dress in causal but there is always someone that dresses strange and weird.
• Occasionally on the subways, I see elderly, pregnant women, handicap, and women with young baby in stroller riding the train. Most people are considerate and will stand up and give their seat up for them; however sometime some people are not very considerate and selfish and doesn’t care and even ignore them even if they asked.

• In the subway, most people behave and carry on their own business and get to where they want to go but sometime people get into confrontation with

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