Definition Of Happiness: Why Happiness Is Important To Life

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For thousands of years, a single definition of happiness has not been widely accepted by all philosophers and psychologists. No one knows what exactly causes people to be happy, or how to measure positive emotions, due to the fact that everyone experiences happiness in their own way. Many people believe complete happiness to be a phenomenal idea; however, experiencing all other emotions such as sadness, anger, and loss is just as important to living as happiness. Experiencing gloomier emotions is essential to life because sadness allows oneself to self reflect on their mistakes and why they feel that way. Being upset helps people make better judgement on their decisions.
Many people would like to live their life entirely happy, however this
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Some would go as far as to say happiness kills. When people are feeling in a happy­go­lucky mood, they do not pay attention to how and what they are doing is affecting themselves and everyone else around them. Dr. Susan David states, “when we are overly cheerful, we tend to neglect important threats and dangers. It is not to much of a stretch that being overly happy can kill you” (David 124). Dr. David has also found through research that, “when life is good, and when the environment is safe and familiar, we tend not to think long and hard about anything too challenging” (David 124). Happy people are far more likely to engage in not so safe and self damaging activities, and they are also far more likely to jump to conclusions and resort to stereotypes. When driving, happier people will dance and sing in the car, which is a major distraction, and very dangerous. A lot of happy people will live in the moment and relish it. However negative emotions cause people to pay more attention to detail, and to be creative. Both of which are healthy habits to have in life, but come from a medically ‘unhealthy’ emotion. A lot of music centers around depression, and the authors low times. Heartbreaks, loss of loved ones, drug use, and injuries are some of the many dark images sung in …show more content…
There cannot be happiness without sadness. Pleasure is gained when someone feels better than they previously had before, which brings happiness. To be entirely devoid of negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, and anxiety, their would be nothing to compare what someone is feeling now, to before, so their would be no pleasure. But let’s say that we could eliminate all negative emotions and live our lives positive all the time, there would be a flatline of happiness that everyone feels all the time, and then an elevated state which people would feel when something particularly great has happened to them. In a way, a ‘new’ sadness has just been created, that being the average happy everyone feels, because people would compare that to the above average happy and it would not be just as great. There will never be a complete equilibrium, to have positive emotions, their must be negative ones, and in the event that everyone feels one hundred percent happy, that would be comparable to sad for the people that are feeling one hundred and fifty percent

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