Paradise Road Essay

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When confronted with conflict, people have response with courage or cowardice When confronted with conflict, it is often faced with difficult, or even threatening, situations. Often when humanity finds itself in conflict, coping with the struggle of interpersonal, cultural and racial, inner or moral conflict can bring either courage or cowardice out in people. This is made evident in Bruce Beresford’s “Paradise Road,” but also in real life situations.

It is naturally human to experience conflict, we will all be forced to respond to conflict at various times and various forms throughout the course of our lives, and in order to live serenely we attempt to avoid and resolve conflict. Those who experience moral conflict are truly
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You are powerful when yu have a book, when you have pen because through a pen you can save lives and thats the change we want to bring in our society. This conflict can also be seen in “Paradise Road,” in the film, Susan McCarthy stands up to Mrs Tippler, a diverse woman who constantly criticises the vocal orchestra and who is seen by some to perhaps be in league with the enemy “Japanese.” Through the stories of these people we can see that while conflict can often breed further disagreement and suffering, it may indeed prompt some to act in extraordinary ways that are bigger and more complex than they might have realised themselves.

Cultural and racial conflict certainly brings out the best traits or the outmost worst in people. History teaches that individuals and countries have instigated and fuelled conflict on the context of racial and cultural beliefs, it is the inability to govern these desires that give rise to conflict. This was evident in the collapse of the twin towers, one of the worst memories that still brings tear to the eye of many who witnessed this dreadful moment. In this historical moment, changing lives of many, many cried whilst hundreds died. But this conflict allowed individuals to achieve and define themselves to find courage in this traumatic experience. President George W. Bush delivered

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