Paradise Lost By John Milton Essay

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Milton’s “Paradise Lost” is a grand epic poem by John Milton that recounts the events of the first sin of man and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden from the standpoint of several different characters. The most interesting of these characters is the Christian world’s biggest antagonist, Satan. Milton expertly and artistically crafts Satan’s timeline between his expulsion from heaven, along with his demons, and his return to tempt Eve with the fruit in the garden. He is shown as a widely complex, interesting character with a wide variety of thoughts and emotions. This portrayal is deeply layered, and at one particular section of Book 9, a moral debate with himself that makes him realize his own nature is both haunting and almost admirable. Analyzing the thought process of the universal Christian symbol of evil may seem cringe worthy to the more dedicated church going crowd, but the poem helps us understand the origins of our creation. However, focus will be on one particular passage within the poem that paints a detailed picture of the character of our antagonist, or protagonist depending on who you are speaking to. Book 9 lines 98 to 135 shows Satan appreciating the beauty of the world, understanding the appeal for God’s creation and even wondering about himself being able to dwell within the garden. He even wonders if it is better than heaven in the beginning of his monologue, “O erth, how like to heeav’n if not preferred. (Milton 99). He sees the potential in this…

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