The Negative Effects Of Lying

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I have had plenty of paradigm shifts happen to me. The one that was the worse was when someone lied to me and I never thought that they would. I always thought I could trust this person no matter what but then to find out that they were telling me lies offended me. One thing I never want people to do is lie. It is always better to just be straight forward, things are always worse when you lie. One day after school me and my three best friends where hanging out. We went to Charity house to get ready for the football game that night. As we were all sitting on the bed Alazia said that someone told her where my friend had been the past weekend. I then gained a puzzled look on my face because I remember been told differently than what she had told me. To make sure that I wasn’t going to blame someone for something that wasn’t true I went back and checked my text messages to see if the places had …show more content…
I walked with him to the bleachers thinking nothing but mean thoughts but still continued to have a normal conversation. As we sat there cheering our boys on I got a text from Nikki saying “Have you showed him the messages yet? What did he have to say?” Just as I was about to reply he looked down and saw he messages. He then stared to ask me all questions and finally I told him let’s get up and take a walk. As we walked around in silence for about 5 minutes I finally asked “So where were you at the past weekend?” He replies “I told you I was at my friend house chill with him playing the game.” All I could do was just look at him disgusted because I had already known the truth but he just keep on lying. I just pulled my phone out and showed him the messages. He looked and I and immediately started trying to apologize. I just told him “Stop I know the truth and I can’t believe that you just stood right here and, lied to my face.” I turned around and returned to sit with the

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