Parable Of The Sower By Octavia Butler Essays

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The Key to Survival In the novel, Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler, the powerful perk of being educated is constantly demonstrated as the story progresses. Not only does it allow you to know what to do, eat, build, drink, and collect, but it also allows one who has general knowledge to be protected as a valuable asset for those who are curious and need educated guidance. Butler makes this very evident in the case of Keith. Due to his knowledge of reading and writing, he is let alone at first by the gangs. Later he is fully accepted into one on the condition that he helps the gang members learn to read and write. Also, Lauren is described earlier in the book, as reading every possibly useful book that she can get her hands on. She does this because she knows that since the outside is full of uneducated wanderers, a knowledgeable person can be both useful and powerful in the kind of world that they are living in. Butler also proves to us later in the book, that all of Laurens reading and previous hunger for education pays off in the long run. For instance, when Lauren is camping on the beach with Zahra and Henry, she remembers something that she read about and starts digging very deep into the sand until her hole becomes damp, after waiting for a while it fills up with drinkable water, thus providing safe and harmless water that almost everybody does not know about other than Lauren. As I woke up, I felt a warm, humid breeze trying to smother my face. At first I…

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