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Guidelines for Medical Withdrawal for Psychological Reasons
(For full description see Student Handbook, Part 4, Ch. 5 Voluntary Medical Withdrawal)

The Medical Withdrawal for Psychological Reasons: General information
A student may request a medical withdrawal from Miami University for psychological reasons if during the course of a term (Fall, Spring, or Summer) he or she suffers from a psychological condition that prevents him/her from performing the essential functions of a student (e.g. unable to attend classes, unable to complete academic responsibilities, etc.) for an extended period of time during that term. The severity
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The medical hold will remain in effect until a mental health professional has submitted a letter to the Director of the Student Counseling Service documenting their improved sufficiently for the student to return to the academic environment without posing a significant risk of substantial harm to him/herself or others, and a lift of the medical hold has been approved by the Director of the Student Counseling Service or his designee. The student should be aware that a medical withdrawal will relieve a student of responsibility for uncompleted academic work but will not provide credit for work completed that term, unless the student has completed and been assigned a passing grade in a sprint course, i.e. any course less than a full term in length, prior to the date of last class attendance for that term. If a student has completed and received a passing grade in a sprint course in the term from which he/she is requesting withdrawal, he/she must so indicate that on the withdrawal request form and indicate a rationale for retaining (Note: t is not possible to receive a medical withdrawal from individual classes while remaining enrolled in other classes. A student may petition the

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