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Annotated Bibliography
This page begins your annotated bibliography. Before you start typing, fix your format. The font should be 12. If you’re using MS Word 2007, go to Paragraph above; the alignment for all text should be left except for the title Annotated Bibliography above, which is centered. Also in Paragraph, go to Line Spacing and click on “double,” and spacing before and after should be 0 pt. In Page Layout, check that the margins are “Normal,” which is 1 inch all around.
Then put your first entry here. Follow correct APA format for a Reference entry, starting with author’s last name or the title of the article. Consult Citation Machine, Noodle Tools, or the textbook Writing Today Chapter 28 for more information about this. See
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The article provides a balanced view on homework with arguments from experts across the country.
The article indicates that standardized testing discourages teachers, and the pressure to perform on these tests results in teachers transferring the pressure onto their students. This idea can be used in the third section of my research paper, where I argue that these tests reduce schools to test-taking institutions.
The example above has the correct format: the source information goes first, followed by a paragraph for the summary and another paragraph for the connection to research. Be sure you have at least five sources in total for this assignment. Before you turn in the paper, go to Review above and click on “Spelling & Grammar.” Not every error will be flagged, and some that are flagged as errors are actually correct. So this spell checker is not foolproof. Also, check your word count at the bottom left corner of this page. If you have fewer than 500 words, it’s a red flag that not enough information exists. If you go above the suggested word count, that’s OK—as long as you’re concise, not repeating yourself, and including only relevant information. Then SAVE AS . . your last name.first.annotated.bibliography.doc. Put in the Dropbox as an attachment so that if done correctly, a paper icon appears next to the assignment. Be sure when it’s graded to

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