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Star Trek Novel Analysis Paper
After reading A Time to Heal by David Mack, discuss how he uses his Star Trek novel to offer social commentary on the Iraq War. In other words, how is this novel an allegory on the current conflict? In formulating your answer be sure to consider the role of the setting, events, people/characters, and plot when trying to illustrate how this novel reflects or comments on the war. In your answer do not just retell the story, but specifically tie events and characters in the novel to the actual Iraq War. Also, be sure to use character dialogue in addition to description of the plot and key scenes to support your argument.
Your paper should be at least 6-7 pages in length. You will be graded on content,
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This paper should not resemble the first paper where you largely just discussed the episodes. Nor should it necessarily look like the midterm in that most of that was addressing the historical background.

Second, when organizing the paper it would best not to simply divide it into 2 parts with one section on Iraq and the other on the novel:
One way to organize the paper is that after the introduction to provide a short paragraph broadly summarizing the cause and early course of the war and then begin to discuss 4 or 5 specific connections that you see between the real war and Mack's novel.
In doing this you need to provide enough specifics about the real events to support your argument as well as enough to show how Mack connected his story to this event. Remember not to assume that the reader will know everything about the war or Star Trek.
However, be careful not to spend too much time and space with simple description or rehash of the story and make it clear in your writing how these connections are evident. Don't expect the reader to figure it out.

Also remember that you are not always going to find a one-to-one direct correlation between the book and the real conflict. Sometimes the novel will borrow or use larger themes or issues and add its own twist or dramatic flair to fit it into the story. The same goes for individual characters.

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