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Texts and Ideas: Antiquity and Enlightenment Dr. Jeffrey Rubenstein

Paper #1 Outline and Rough draft due in recitation sections on October 2-3 and will be returned Oct 8-10. Final Papers due October 15. No late submissions will be accepted without prior approval. Papers should be emailed to NYU classes AND a hardcopy turned in.


* Select one out of the following three questions. Write an essay of approximately and no more than 1200 –1500 words. (Use the “word count” function in your word processor).

* Quoting: you should quote from the text. Make sure that the quotes do not take up too large a part of your paper and only supplement (rather than substitute) your own words. Whenever you quote, you MUST
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If you follow a guideline of one idea/argument per paragraph in the course of your paper, you should be able to form your last paragraph so that it contains one sentence for each paragraph you wrote. You can also conclude your paper by offering the reader something slightly new that you did not discuss explicitly before. Another way to approach your conclusion is to expand your analysis out of the close reading of the characters or themes you have investigated in the rest of the paper and comment on how the theme or character helps you to understand the rest of the text.

* Close attention will be paid to the writing. Good arguments can be lost when your writing is unclear or sloppy. Make sure you read through your paper at the end. A helpful way to proofread is to read it out loud. Your ear can hear when something sounds awkward. You could also have a friend proofread it – do not rely on the “spellcheck” function alone, as it will not catch errors such as “now” for “not.”

* Note that 1200-1500 words take up five to six double-spaced pages. Please use normal page margins, double spacing, 12 pt. font, and Times New Roman style. You do NOT need a cover page, but you should have a heading with your name, your TA’s name and the recitation section time, the date, and a TITLE for your paper.

* Plagiarism: copying any amount of text from any source (be it a book, website, article, speech, etc.) without proper attribution is plagiarism. Similarly, copying

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