The Papa's Clothing

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The Papas’ Clothing The rising start of the Papas began in 700 B.C.E in the land of Papaland. The Papas were mostly known for trading their natural resources with other cultures and had become very wealthy, they are also known for conquering the Fries, creating weaponry used for war, created the Cloaca Maxima (also known as a sewer pipe that drains the swamp), had created the Arch, and had metal workers that founded iron. Papas’ clothing was a great influence towards other civilizations. There were four Phases of the history of the Papas clothing, the Orientalizing Period, the Ionian Period, the Classical Period, and the Hellenistic Period. Most of the clothing that the …show more content…
This was during 550-525 B.C.E, men wore perizomas, chiton, himation (a mantle or a wrap worn by both genders that were usually worn over chitons), pilleus, calcei repandi (pointed shoes), and had loose long hair and beards. As for women, they wore Dedalic chiton, a mantle worn over the head, pointed shoes (also known as a local style type of shoes), a rounded bowler (pointed hat), and loose long hair, ringlets, or tutulus. During 525-475 B.C.E, men wore more clothing and women wore less clothing. Men usually wore short chiton, a variety of mantles, himation, a rounded short (also known as dress-like clothing, worn from 500 B.C.E), ringlets or short hair, sometimes beards, and calcei repandi. During this time period, women wore a long white Ionic chiton, a himation, ringlets, or tutulus, and calcei repandi. In 550-475 B.C.E, the clothing that was not worn in real life, or their costumes, changed a bit. Men mostly wore animal skin mantles and a Phrygian hat, yet they were mostly nude. The women wore transparent chiton, Dedalic chiton, and Ionic himation. Animal skin was used as a normal dress attire in early

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