Paparazzi Invasion Of Privacy Essay

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Register to read the introduction… We pay these people’s salaries, we have a choice not to buy papers with all the rubbish stories, and paparazzi only gives what people want, they don’t create the demand. Do celebrities forfeit the right of privacy? In the United States, the right of privacy has been held by the courts to be implicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Contrary to suits for defamation of character, one may sue for invasion of privacy regardless of whether one's reputation has been damaged as a result of unwanted publicity ("Do Celebrities Forfeit the Right to Privacy?”) Instead, a cause of action will depend on the aggrieved person's reasonable expectation of privacy. Tighter restrictions should be inquired for more rights to privacy (“At Issue: Privacy and the Press.”) Yes, citizens of the world want to know what their idol is up to, but they still deserve their right to privacy unless asked. Also, more than two-thirds of Hawaii’s state senators have signed a bill to protect celebrity privacy. It gives them the power to sue over unwanted beach photos and any other snapshots taken (“Hawaii Lawmakers Propose Shielding Celebrity …show more content…
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