Papa John Business Analysis

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From its humble beginnings to its inception the Papa John restaurant is the third leading producers of pizza products. In addition, the company has emerged as one of the most distinguished and recognizable pizza brand in the United States. The company has assumed their current position as a strong competitor in the pizza industry due to their ability to stay dedicated to its mission of providing their customers great great tasting pizza products without forgoing quality. The company has continued its success by its ability to differentiate its products from those of its competitors (Groden, 2015).

In doing so, Papa John 's pizza has has remained committed to making good on their promise of providing their customers with pizza that uses
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Papa John accomplished this feat by listening to its customers needs and their demands. The company 's customers wanted the ease of ordering from the company 's website and mobile app when opting to make a purchase from the restaurant. In order to satisfy and meet its customers needs the company created an online ordering system which, allows customers to purchase products from their website or from their cell phone using the company 's mobile app to order, bypassing the need to call their order in. Now customers was one click away from making their order in a fast and easy manner. Also, Papa John 's web and Mobil apps allowed users to pay for their orders using their credit cards to purchase any item on the company 's menu. Paying with a credit card when ordering online is a safe and secure way to pay for the delivery of pizzas, and it bypassing the need to visit the restaurant to pay for an order (Ross, …show more content…
Consumers have turned to restaurants that offer healthy low calories meals such as Chipotle and Subway. These restaurant offer healthy alternatives for consumers and they offer a pick your own ingredient for a salad or meal. This downturn in pizza restaurants will increase the manufacturing and sale of frozen pizza because they are cheaper and cheaper to purchase than freshly made pizza. I believe that the pizza industry will lose monies due a decline in the demand for their products. As restaurants began to rethink their strategy by creating menu items for health conscious consumers, the sale of high-content foods will also decrease. The stock market will probably cause the pizza to elevate their prices due to the rise in grains, meats and cheese products. This increase will eventually cause pizza makers to raise their prices and this will cripple their sales due to the decrease by consumers purchases, their eating patterns becoming healthier and consumers will shy away from purchasing pizza because they will refuse to pay the higher markup for

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