Essay on Pantene Is A Hair Care Product Company

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Converging our focus back on the commercial itself, Pantene is a hair-care product company which targets women as their primary customer. Strangely, there is not one scene in the commercial that shows a bottle of shampoo. It does, however, depicted the double standards that occur in current working life. While it conveyed the message that women are being oppressed on a daily basis, it subtly emphasized on the distorted idea of beauty. Advertising sells more than just a product, it sells gender identity. Commercials like these project the ways we presume men and women conduct themselves and not the way they actually behave (Goffman 1976 qtd. in Cortese 52). Besides, advertising indoctrinate consumers the cultural theory that men are dominant and women are passive and inferior (Cortese 53). Pantene’s objective was maybe to ecpress their empathy by letting their customers know that they care about women’s daily struggles. However, on the same time, they depicted women with magnificent hair which raised the standards for hair beauty. While the video might be a caution against the danger of gender stereotyping, what the video also conveys, according to Peggy Drexler, a research psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Weill Medical College, Cornell University is that “looks matter” (Drexler,
Furthermore, the commercial hardly portray real, everyday women in it. They had hour glass figures and flawless skin, contradicting the image of a “real women”…

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