Essay on Panera Bread Case

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Panera Bread Company Case

* Student: -Miguel Etchebarne

Question 1
What is Panera Bread’s strategy? Which of the five generic competitive strategies discussed in Chapter 5 most closely fit the competitive approach that Panera Bread is taking? What type of competitive advantage is Panera Bread trying to achieve?
-Panera strategy was to make great bread broadly available to consumers across the United States. They have an attractive menu and the dinning ambience of his bakery-cafés provided significant growth opportunity, despite the fiercely competitive nature of the restaurant industry. Also was recognized as the nationwide leader in the specialty bread segment and scored the highest level of customer loyalty among
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Besides Panera it’s not the Top of Mind organization in the industry so they have to go for it and be an important part of the competence, expanding their franchise to the big cities or to other countries.
The good part of this organization it’s the growing expectations and the chances to get an even better future than the actual.
Core Competence:
-The baking process
Distinctive competence:
-Software difficult to copy
-The dough
Question 3
What is your appraisal of Panera Bread’s financial performance

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