Panera Bread Case Study Essay

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Case Study of the Panera Bread Company

Lawrence Technological University

Author Note This paper was prepared by Bruce S. Silver for Marketing Management 6013, taught by David Gregorich, MBA, Ed.D.

The purpose of this paper is to study the Panera Bread Company, and do a case analysis based upon the reading’s from the book Marketing Management: Knowledge And Skills, Eleventh Edition by Donnelly, and Peter (2013), and The 5 C’s and Strategic Marketing Basics (2013) due Oct, 22 2013 for the (MKT 6013) Market Management class at the TACOM campus of Lawrence Technological University, MI. This case involves the study of the Panera Bread company, which is a highly successful company competing for
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Furthermore, Panera bread’s image is enhanced by the charity work it does. All bread not consumed by the end of the day is given to charitable originations to feed the less fortunate. In addition, Panera Bread also has a unique charitable origination called “Panera Cares” (Panera Bread Foundation, a separate Section 501(c) (3) nonprofit entity), at certain Panera locations, Panera Bread will feed a person whether they can pay, or not.
Panera Bread’s menu and dining experience has been tremendously successful:
The St. Louis-based company opens a new bakery-café every five days. Sales rose 16.2% in 2008. Profits were up 33% in the first half of this year. PNRA is the best-performing major-restaurant stock of the last decade, with annualized growth of 31.5%. Panera is proof that, in suburbia, there's a hunger for real food -- unfussy ingredients moved from farm to plate quickly and affordably. And the company has combined that menu with an unpretentious atmosphere -- there's no table service, but also no time limit. As a result, it has become as much community gathering space as a bustling lunch spot (Rockwood, 2009). (Panera Bread, 2012) current company goals are the following:
Excel delivering a differentiated experience to millions of customers each week across our store base of almost 1,700 cafés. To that end, our focus in 2012 continued to be improving the overall quality of the Panera experience by

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