Pandora and roman Gods Essay

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Pandora- Pandora was a beautiful girl who was molded out of earth by Hephaestus for Zeus to send her down to earth and release an evil upon man for having fire. She was given a box that had all the evil of the world, which with the curiosity that she was built with curiosity, enticed her to open it. When she opened it all the evils spread all over the world. In nervousness she closes the box leaving only hope inside. In myth it sands that she represents the evil that woman bring upon the world.
-Lived on Earth
-Curiosity, beauty, and burden
Helen of Troy- A beautiful woman who was the princes of Troy. Men would fight for her constantly. However, one day a man by the name of Perseus captured her and married her.
-Lived in Troy
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His famed weapons is the lightning bolt spear. It can tremble the winds and shoot lighting. He conspired against his Titan parents and grouped the other gods together to over throw the titans.
-Lives on Olympus
- Willingness, Intelligent, and harsh
Odysseus- Odysseus was a man from Macedonia who joined the Athenians in the war with troy, when coming back from his battle he encountered a giant, a son of Poseidon. When they blinded him to escape Poseidon did not allow for him to arrive back home. He spent 17 years on the seas and with gods attempting to get back home.
Strength, Intelligence, endurance
Trojan Horse- The Trojan horse was a ruse by the Athenians that would let them in to the city of Troy of the Trojans. Since the Greeks were overpowered, they climbed inside a wooden horse and hid. They purposed it as a gift offering. When inside they jumped out and burnt the city and pillaged it until they had taken it over.
Clever, Power, Swift
Narcissus- He was a man who everyone was in love with, especially by a nymph Echo who was one of Nemesis’s nymphs. Narcissus would ignore everyone else and admired his own good looks. When he rejected echo Nemesis cursed Narcissus to be enticed by his own reflection (in a pond) and stay there until he died.
Medusa- Medusa was a beautiful lady who everyone loved, although Athena was jealous. Since everyone was falling for Medusa and she had entered Athena’s temple and had fornicated

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