Panda Burgers Research Paper

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What makes a good restaurant, and what makes a person want to come back? Is it the convenience of a wonderfully cooked meal, that does not require clean up? Does the friendliness of the patrons and the staff play a roll in a return costumer? There are many reasons to choose a favorite eatery, everyone has their own reasons from family outings, or the food is just plain good. When asked to name three favorite restaurants; it took some time for the idea to settle into words. However, all these questions have to be asked and more, with careful consideration a choice has been made. Panda Burgers, Filiberto’s and The Break Room are three of my favorite, nourishment centers. No list of great restaurants, or a list of personal favorite restaurants, can be complete without mention of …show more content…
However, if a late night hunger strikes; nothing compares to Filiberto’s. The second, and probably most favorite of the favorites, would have to be the epically delicious Filiberto’s. To write about Filiberto’s, and not mention the number one pick, Carne asada fries, would be foolish. To begin, just the weight of the bow when grasped, signifies the hearty meal that is about to be consumed. When this gift of the late night food gods is open, the pure magic of melted cheese, mountains of carne asada and acutely manufactured spud sticks, one knows senses are about to be satisfied. Secondly, a artisan concocted burrito known as the Patron burrito, will leave a taste of pure wonderment and joy on taste buds. To say carne asada, bacon and chunks of ham do not belong on a burrito is to say, a rainbow is not beautiful. Not to mention, the crispy but delicate, and utterly amazing tacos. Be the choice of shredded beef or chicken, no late night food excursion can be complete without these, golden manufactured works of

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