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LECTURE 2 GROUP ASSIGNMENT | | |We, the undersigned, hereby declare this assignment to be our own collective group effort. It has not been | |previously submitted for any other assignment or examination. We further declare that any sources used or referred| |to in this text, have been explicitly indicated according to the Harvard Method of

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|Les |
|  |Web-Based Reporting System |P |S |  |  |
|1 |Problem Definition |S |P |S |S |
|1.1 |Gather Data |S |P |S |S |
|1.2 |Study Feasibility |S |P |S |S |
|1.2 |Prepare Report |P |S |S |S |
|2 |System Analysis |S |  |P |  |
|2.1 |Interview Users |S | P |S |  |
|2.2 |Study Existing Systems |S | P |S |  |
|2.3 |Define user requirements |S |  |S |P  |
|2.4 |Prepare Report |P |S  |S |S  |
|3 |System Design |S |S |  |P |
|3.1 |Input & Output
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