Pan African Reflection

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This spring quarter I didn’t know what to expect in my pan African class. I went in not knowing what it was about, but after completing the course and by doing the final project I learned so much. The elements that my PAS class taught me made want to learn more about the new cultures and different back stories, especially in the assignment where I had to interview someone about their story. It was a hard to think about how much work will have to be put in and I didn 't think it 'll interest me but I was wrong. Out of all the people to choose from I had my person in less than a second and knew what I had to do. Also gave me a mental flashback of what this class had done for me.
The class I took which is Pan-African Studies (PAS) encompasses
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This fosters another element I learned in class and the interview, just how racism internalized within certain Asian American communities against other communities of color. As described in “Success Story, Japanese-American Style” by William Pettersen “like the Negroes the Japanese have been the object of color prejudice. Like the Jews they have been feared and hated as hyper efficient competitors and more than any other group they have been seen as agents of an overseas enemy”. My grandma during her stay in America was looked down at where as the top race was looked up to. There are radically different histories, experiences, and oppressions across the Asian American diaspora, yet often, they are lumped together as one ambiguous …show more content…
As we progress so do our ideologies and ability to understand that people shouldn’t be afraid of what they don’t understand. My interview made me open up my mind to see that people will always have different views about everything and as time changes so do people. While there has been much progress made towards the idea of racial equality in America there still is work to be done. Educating the youth and optimizing their environment to support equality and racial tolerance that the form of racism is not one to keep growing and causing more

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