Pamela Anderson Peta Ad Rhetoric Analysis Essay

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Samantha Sabitsch
Comp. English II 3300: 112-068
Final Draft
6 February 2012

PETA Advertisement Today in our society, the attention towards vegetarianism and animal abuse is becoming very popular. Many organizations around the world are trying to send messages out to the public to reveal the truth behind the horrific things animals go through. This one particular organization named PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, created an image to persuade people to consider the vegetarian lifestyle, to treat animals as equals, as well as to visually reveal what these animals go through before hand. While the intended audience and viewers are those of us who eat meat
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Pamela Anderson is a beautiful, sexy, and famous woman, and in the picture there are dashed lines drawn on her body. These lines separate parts of the body that we would cut off and eat from an animal, as well as looking as if she has been tagged by a butcher getting ready for the next gruesome step. Some for example would be the ribs, breast, thigh, etc., and if you think of it this way, when you see a beautiful woman that is being used as a piece of meat, everyone considers that disgusting and wrong. The colors they used where mainly white and lavender. White is normally significant to the meaning purity and lavender is to be calm, soft, and soothing to the mind. Also being used as a soft characteristic is her skin tone. These soft colors allow the tone to portray the image as soft, mellow, and emotional. It is supposed to stand out and reveal the truth. What this PETA advertisement is trying to say is “ALL ANIMALS HAVE THE SAME PARTS”, which translates as animals and humans are all equal and both are beautiful. With that said, we as humans do not eat each other, because that is considered humanely wrong, so why would we do that to animals? A second message that they are tying to say is that similar to us humans, animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone and have organs and senses. Animals also have emotions and unique personalities, feel pain, and create families and relationships with other

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