Palestrina Research Paper

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Actual facts about Palestrina's early life are quite limited. It is widely believed that he first got interested in music in Rome in 1537. Which, he traveled to from his home in Palestrina to Rome. To be exact, his home town was just outside of Rome, which was then known as the Papal States. Palestrina's initial reason to go to Rome isn't known either, but scholars have made the assumption that his intention was to sell the family's produce and other products from their farm. While he was peddling his products, Palestrina would sing songs he made up. On one faithful day, a choir master heard him and was very impressed. The choir master, which happened to be of Santa Maria, was so impressed that he took Palestrina under his wing and mentored …show more content…
The pope showed his appreciation by offering Palestrina a job as the music director at Julien Chapel. During the years of 1555 to 1560, Palestrina served as music director at many churches and chapels. One of which was St. John Lateran, but Palestrina left quite quickly after realizing the food and housing were shabby. In 1561, he returned to his old stomping grounds, at Santa Maria Maggiore. In 1566, a newly formed seminary wanted Palestrina. He accepted, even though the pay was less, but, that was balanced by the enrollment of his boys into the institution. He later left this job too, for a position as music director at Cardinal Ippolito d'Este II. He held this job for 4 years. After those 4 years, he went back to spend the rest of his life at St. Peter's. Even music legends have home lives, and Palestrina's was tragic. With his first wife, he had 2 boys, Rodolfo and Angelo. They later died from the plague, which hit Rome in the 1570's. Palestrina lost his wife, brother and sons. This loss almost pulled Palestrina from his music career. He debated becoming a priest, but decided against that. He married a very wealthy widow and spent the rest of his life with her. In 1594, Palestrina passed. His death was caused by acute

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