Essay on Palestine, By Joe Sacco

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The graphic novel Palestine, published by Maltan journalist Joe Sacco in the early ‘90s, is a journalistic piece that represents his recollections of two months spent talking to and living with Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. The casual narrative style, which some might say is too shallow for such heavy subject matter, in fact allows Sacco to avoid many of the pit falls that have made Western reporting on non-Western conflicts unhelpful at the very least and more often incredibly damaging. Sacco starts in Cairo with a dramatic conversation with some Egyptians about Palestine and Israel in which one of his conversation partners is depicted violently smashing his fist on the table in the middle of the second page and proclaiming “I would smash Israel,” (Sacco 2). From there Sacco leads us on a whirlwind tour. He witnesses protests and riots, talks to people about the demolition of houses and olive trees, presents an overview of life in the biggest of the Israeli prisons, Ansar III, from former prisoners, meets with women 's rights activists, young men involved in the intifada and old people who remember 1948 and being dislodged from their homes. There are moments of calm interspersed through out, notably a two-page spread depicting an unpaved intersection somewhere in the territories with no text (146-147). And of course there are scenes of incredible violence, all of it presented as Sacco’s personal experience, as represented by the cover, which depicts some…

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