Palestine And Zionism : The Thin Line Between Hatred And Justice

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Palestine and Zionism: The Thin Line between Hatred and Justice In 1947, millions of Palestinians lost their rights to their land. They were wiped off the map, abused in their own homes, and forcibly removed from their country. Children were slaughtered fearlessly, fathers were run over with tanks as they stood guard in front of their homes, and mothers were sexually and mentally assaulted in prisons. A nation once known for its beauty, kindness, and hospitality was entirely destructed and their name was erased from the history books of countries around the world. Before the 1800s, there was only peace in the land of Palestine. However, after the years of the holocaust, Jewish communities around the world were struck with the fear that they would never be accepted as a nation of their own. Therefor, with UN intervention, Jewish settlers were given 55% of Palestine despite their owning less than 7% of it. An extremist minority of Judaism, known as Zionists, believed their religious rights to Palestine were listed in their holy books. and suddenly, it became a good enough excuse to wage a war on Palestinians. Despite the original rights to Palestinians, the debate against anti-Semitism versus anti-Zionism was heated, and until now remains a large barrier between Palestine and those who defy the right to recognize it as its own nation. Despite the history of the term “Zionism”, the incredible use of violence against Palestinians, and the casualty rates of both sides of the…

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