Paleolithic Culture

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3. The Paleolithic culture, also known as the Old Stone, took place during the time period of ca.7 million-10,000 B.C.E. Throughout this time fossil remains were found of a creature that is known as hominid. There were multiple groups of hominid known as Australopithecus, they used sharp pebbles for hunting. Homo habilis were the first to create stone and bone tools and weapons. The beginnings of culture were demonstrated by the art of tool making. The group of Homo erectus is known as hunter-gatherers. The tools made by the Homo erectus were far more advanced then those of the Homo habilis. Not only were the tools advanced but fire also became an important part of humankind’s culture at this point. Homo Sapiens were then discovered; they …show more content…
Due to Mesopotamia being the land between the Tigris and Euphrates River, it is clear to see why their gods are associated with the forces of nature. The two rivers created a fertile crescent that conquered the western end of Asia. The location is rich in soil and supported agricultural development to support the first cities. The first Mesopotamian civilization is Sumer. Sumer was filled with city-states that were self-ruled. This plays a role on the Babylonian Creation and the Epic of Gilgamesh because it shows how these people viewed their world. These two narratives demonstrate their spiritual outlook. The Babylonian Creation is the earliest cosmological myth. This myth outlines what the people of Mesopotamia believe in. This myth is recited during the New Year festival, as it celebrates the birth of Gods and the order of creation. The Babylonian Creation explains how the first family of Gods came to life through the water since there was no heaven or earth. The story is about the reign of Tiamat, the Great Mother of the primeval waters. A hero-god and the offspring of Wisdom, Marduk, destroyed the Great Mother of primeval waters and changes order. Marduk takes over the reign and finds the holy city of Babylon. Along with the discovery of this holy city, Marduk created people that would serve heavens divinities. The myth shows the transition from life coming from water to it being created by a God and having a heaven. Marduk taking over the reign allowed for the change in polytheistic history from matriarchy to patriarchy. This made the transition from female divinities to make divinities. For centuries women were seen as divine and the power came from their line, now the roles switch. The Epic of Gilgamesh is the world’s first epic. This epic supports the immorality ideology. This narrative is about a hero who rejects the affections of the Queen of Heaven, Ishtar. Ishtar then kills Gilgamesh 's companion. Due to her death, Gilgamesh starts his journey to

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