Paleo Diet Advantages And Disadvantages

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1. Paleo Diet
2. The Paleo Diet was originally introduced in 1975 by gastroenterologist Walter L Voegtin MD in his book “The Stone Age Diet.” The diet was later developed by Boyd Eaton (M.D.) and even later by Loren Cordain (Ph.D.) in his 2002 book “The Paleo Diet.”
3. The Paleo (or Paleolithic) diet was created to reflect the food that our Paleolithic ancestors consumed. The diet is high in fat, high in fiber, high in protein, and low in carbohydrates. Since the diet was created to reflect what our caveman ancestors consumed it includes unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, eggs, and healthful oils. It excludes foods such as dairy products, cereal grains, legumes, potatoes, processed foods,
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The “pros” of the diet are that it is an overall healthy diet, including a lot of healthy and fresh foods. One specific benefit is that the diet requires you to avoid processed foods, which can harm the body. It also improves satiety, meaning that a person will feel fuller faster. Many people do lose weight on this diet. The diet is rich in many vitamins and minerals, and low in added sugars, trans, and saturated fats, and salt.
8. My personal scientific opinion about this diet is that it is indeed a fad diet. It may be healthier than some other diets, but it is not scientifically based and proven to work. It eliminates an entire food group (ie. Dairy products, and whole grains), and requires you to eat too little carbohydrates and too much fat. The claims made by people advocating the Paleo diet may be true, but they are not scientifically proven.
9. Based on my opinion stated earlier, I would give the Paleo diet a B. The diet is not known to cause any harmful effects other than a possible deficiency in calcium and other vitamins (which can be remedied by supplements). Therefore, the Paleo diet is a relatively safe diet. The diet has proven to help some people lose weight, so it is somewhat effective. However, there is no evidence proving that it helps prevent diseases and conditions which some sources argue. Overall it is a safe diet, and it is somewhat

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