Paleo Diet Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Many of the familiar fruits and vegetables that are available in the produce section of the grocery store are actually quite dissimilar to their wild counterparts. The large, orange carrots we enjoy today were not more than tiny purple or yellow, fibrous roots 1,000 years ago. Not to mention the large variety of apples today were nothing more that small, bitter crabapples a few thousand years ago. However, thanks to selective breeding, irrigation, and fertilizers we now eat and enjoy domesticated fruits and vegetables. The irony is though, that through all of our tampering we have created something with less fiber and more carbohydrates than their wild versions. (Cordain & Friel, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, 2005) This does not mean that we have to start foraging for food like our hunter-gatherer ancestors, many of the healthy benefits can be achieved from modern day foods that had a counterpart in the Stone Age diets. The fundamental principle for the Paleo diet is simplicity, Unrestricted consumption of lean meants, poultry, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Foods to avoid are dairy products, legumes, salty foods, refined sugars almost all processed food, high-fat meat, high-glycemic fruits and vegetables, and alcohol. (Cordain & Friel, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, 2005) An essential aspect to the Paleo diet is the balance between plant and animal foods. There is no doubt that whenever it was ecologically possible our ancestors preferred animal food to plant food. There were also several studies of modern day hunter-gatherer groups that concluded that one, most hunter-gatherer groups eat almost the exact same way as their ancestors, and two, they also prefer to eat animal foods to plant foods. (Cordain & Friel, The Paleo …show more content…
Starting with outlining of all the possible positive effects of said diet like reduced risk of disease, prolonged lifespan and increased vitality. I have also talked about what exactly is the Paleo diet, A simple diet that says to eat an unrestricted amount of lean meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and nuts. But to avoid foods like dairy, whole-grains, legumes, salty foods, refined sugars, and the majority of processed foods. I also went into detail with the scientific reasons why we should eat like cavemen, listing many examples of studies and research that all point to the Paleo diet as a way to improve vitality and reduce health concerns such as disease. I also talked about how our food has changed today, how through the domestication process of selective breeding, and fertilization we have made foods that are larger and far more appetizing to our palette than the wilder versions we hardly if ever see. Through all of my research I have learned a great deal about the Paleo diet, and I intend to implement a great deal of what I have learned into my own personal diet practices. However I have come to the conclusion that while this diet-plan has a great deal scientific evidence to prove its validity, it is also very constricting on what is allowed to be consumed. In our modern day lifestyle where we are constantly moving from one thing to another (school, work, etc) we have very little time to put these suggestions into full practice, not to mention the fact that many of the preferred foods are difficult to procure. We have built our diets literally with whole grains as a base, and there is an over-whelming amount of research and evidence to say that while certain things like white bread and white potatoes are not good to be eaten, Many grains such as oatmeal have always been accepted virtually everywhere as heart healthy and wholesome foods. So to wrap this up I leave it up to the

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