Painting Of Sailing With The Sun Essay

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This landscape painting of Sailing with the Sun, consists of a blend of yellows, oranges, blues, and blacks. It is a large body of water with the setting sun sitting just above of it. There is a little white sail boat in the water sailing towards the shore. You can see the ripples in the water, showing that the wind is slightly blowing across the top. The dark black mountains in the background give depth to the water and allows you to see how big and deep it actually is. The sky is a reflection of the waters colors, and there are clouds gathered around the sunset extending its light across the sky.

The two visual elements that I will describe are color and light. The colors the Leonid Afremov are yellow, orange, green, purple, black, grey, and many mixture in between. The outside edges of the water are purple and blue. The center of the water is orange, yellow, pink, and white. The outline of the sky is orange and yellow at the base and as it goes up, it turns to a more light/dark blue and purple color. The sail boat in the center of the painting is red, yellow, white, and grey. The mountains surrounding the water on the right side are dark grey and black, displaying the ruggedness of their structure. The lighting of Sailing with the Sun creates tenebrism, which makes use of large areas of dark contrasting sharply with smaller bright illuminated areas. The small bright area that draws your eye is the line of the light from the sunset, the darker areas are the outside edges…

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