Paintball Research Paper

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Paintball is a game that shoots out markers or paintballs, that when they hit, the markers explode causing a paint mark on a person, a piece of cover, and trees.Paintball is also a game where many people do different types of games like capture the flag to different battle scenarios. Before paintball was a game paintballs was used to mark cattle for shipping purposes. Many people play this game with pump guns. These guns have an air pump attached and also a hopper.The hopper is the top piece of the pump gun that holds your markers. Today many aspects of chemistry, like different types of air effect the ball accuracy, to the state of matter of the compressed air, play a role in paintball.The temperature outside can affect the rate of how many …show more content…
Gelatin is a material made from animals.The text states “ Gelatin is made from denatured collagen fibers, which are derived from the skin, bones, and connective tissue of animals.The gelatin for paintballs is usually made from pig skins, which tend to make the best paintball”(Murray 4). Paintballs are made just like early footballs because footballs were made out of pigskin. Gelatin is the main substance that is added to the paintball. Using gelatin makes the perfect paintball because, the paintball would not explode when first shot by the pump gun. The author states “To make the capsules, workers load two wide strips of softened gelatin into the encapsulating machine”(How Paintball Is Made).A machine moves the strips of gelatin through different drums causing the two strips to form into a paintball size. Another machine injects the right amount of paint for each paintball. The paint dries causing the paintball to close completely. The paintballs must be cooled in order to have an impact when fired. Paintballs that are not hardened by cooling could explode in the barrel of the paintball gun.(How Paintball Is Made). The paintballs or markers are cooled in a cool room. This get the warm moist paintball cooled for hardening purposes. When not hardened correctly, many problems can occur and can cause injury to the players. All paintballs work with different pump guns and air pumps. The markers are manufactured the same

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