Pain : Pain And Pain Essay

914 Words Oct 21st, 2014 4 Pages
Everyone has experienced pain in their life. Pain can be felt physically, like a child who falls off their bike, and it can be felt psychologically, like the pain one feels when a loved one passes away. Pain is a reaction triggered within the nervous system as a response to a stimuli. Stimuli can be in direct contact, like placing your hand on a stove and your brain’s ability to utilize the brain to have to quickly remove your hand from the stove. Stimuli can also be received based on emotions and interactions with others. Pain is a genuinely unavoidable dilemma because everyone is capable and likely to experience it daily. People can portray content emotions on the outside as a disguise, protecting them from the world, but pain can still hide deep within them waiting to be released by an experience that triggers that truth; pain within. Strangely enough, pain is one on the most feared judgments in the mind of humans, yet in some situations, it is the most rejoiced. Everyone encounters pain when they have a dilemma, but it is the resilience within a person and the physiological abilities within a human that can help them cope. Pain can also be helpful when informing of risk; most people will not make the same choices twice as to avoid pain. As adults, in relationships, one learns the type of individual they want to engage in a relationship with based on likely pain they have endured with someone in the past.…

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