Pain Management: Comparison of Application Times for Ice Packs Used to Relieve Perineal Pain After Normal Birth

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Pain management: Comparison of application times for ice packs used to relieve perineal pain after normal birth
I have chosen this article for my critique because my client was a mother who experienced 1st degree perineal lacerations during the birthing process and was being treated with cryotherapy as an alternative to narcotic pain relief. This article addressed the trends of using cryotherapy to promote healing and pain reduction in perineal lacerations and episiotomies. I found this article to be extremely insightful as it addresses one of the key nursing interventions used to treat perineal lacerations to this day, as well as its rationale. This particular article is the second part of a two-stage study that was performed using
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I personally favor the use of cryotherapy as well as other alternative treatments for the care of birth related morbidities especially in light of the current trends with narcotic dependency/abuse. I find this article to be significant as this article investigates a clinical practice that could provide relief for perineal pain following birth without producing side effects or interfering with breast feeding (Oliveira, 2012). The data included in this article can play an important role to me as a new nurse as well as a more seasoned nurse, this data can be instrumental in helping nurses including myself by incorporating these findings into nursing care and in being more aware of the evidence based information that pertains to the treatment of perineal lacerations and treating them with a more holistic approach. And according to Oliveira (2012) the relevance for clinical practice shows ice packs to be a safe and beneficial treatment for pain whether the ice was applied for 10, 15, 20 minutes and through the use of these methods we can decrease the amount of pain medications postnatal women are prescribed. The use of an ice pack for ten minutes is sufficient to relieve complaints of pain. Pragmatic elements of reality (routine use of analgesics in the postpartum period) strengthened the external validity of the results, increasing the possibility of applying these findings to clinical

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