Pain Is Not Defined With Pain Essay

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Pain is not defined with a simple statement or phrase. Sure, many attempt this daunting task, defining it as a hurting or discomfort caused by illness or injury, but pain is so much more complex than what anyone could imagine. Most everyone will feel pain in some form or another at least once at some point during their lives; it’s unescapable. All hope is not loss though, as we have a choice to make. We determine how much of an effect of pain has on us. It up to us to either let it consume us and dictate how we life our life, or we choose to rise up to the challenge and fight through it. When we fight, we are we are choosing to be happy, and to say no to the fear and sadness that come along with pain, showing ourselves that we much stronger than we thought we were.
What Is Pain? Before reading excerpts in Brand and Yancey’s book, The Gift of Pain, I always considered pain as a necessary evil that everyone faces through their lives. However, while reading my eyes were open to the life-altering realization; pain is a blessing in disguise, benefitting rather than hurting us. Unfortunately, most of society looks incorrectly with fear in the face of pain, letting it be the biggest priority dictating how they live their life. Instead of looking at is as an “invading enemy, we must begin to look at it as a “loyal messenger dispatched within our own body to alter us to some type of danger” (Brand and Yancey,1997). We need to be able to recognize pain when we feel it, investigate…

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