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I remember doing an interview with the yearbook coordinators in grade 8 and her asking what do you want to do? My answer, a paediatrician. Even with my limited knowledge of medicine, I knew medicine was my ultimate career choice. Following this interaction, I did as most kids do and binge searched the topic. I googled, ‘how to become a paediatrician?’ Mind you, my grasp of the English language was very rudimentary at the time since I had just immigrated to Canada two years prior. The google results overwhelmingly stated that I need all A’s and to increase my chances of being accepted to medical school I need to volunteer. I had A’s in my classes so I had completed half of my requirements to becoming a physician but as a 12- year-old and a new …show more content…
Unbeknownst to me, my experiences in dealing with individuals from all over the country at these national conferences and newcomer youth allowed me to develop critical skills that are crucial to being a well-rounded physician. As a youth leader in my community, I was able to support individuals of all ages both socially and developmentally. I had to be patient, personable, and amiable in my approach with the youth I worked with. I also had to use humour a lot of time because many of the newcomer youth are quite anxious and stressed when they first enter Canada due to the cultural and language differences. All of the above traits are an integral component of a good paediatric physician.
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Further, for my work with youth over the years I was awarded the Dr. W. Kenneth Jaggs Community Award from the Teen Health Centre, "in recognition of outstanding work for the betterment of youth in Windsor and Essex County.”
Moreover, my experience as the president of the local Interact Club of Rotary (1918) and the vice-present of Together We Flourish, a non-profit organization founded by myself and two other individuals, allowed for gain valuable leadership skills. As an executive had to identify and exploit members strengths while minimizing the impact of their weaknesses. I can build on these traits in medical school and build
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This shadowing experience allowed me to learn first-hand what being a physician entails on an everyday basis. I was able to see the professional etiquette that is required of a physician in terms of their attention and attitude towards patients. Also, the experience allowed me to broaden my understanding of clinical work since I was able to see the downside of medicine because like the USA, and unlike Canada, Iran does not have medicine for all; thus, some of the patients could not afford their needed treatments. Although this was difficult to witness at the time it allowed me to experience a fraction of what it would be like to practice medicine in the USA. I am also currently a member of the club Operation Christmas Child formed by few of my friends and fellow University of Windsor students. Our club works to fill shoe boxes with hygiene items, school supplies, and toys, during Christmas. Those shoe boxes are then distributed to children across the globe regardless of their gender, race, or religion. Both of these recent experiences have further cemented my passion for paediatrics by allowing me to see first hand the downside of medicine and the challenges that children all over the world face. I have been blessed to be able to give back to locally and to the global community as well and would like to continue this path with a career in

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