Pablo Picasso's Influence On The Art World

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When I first got into art I was in 10th grade. There was an exhibition at the Mary Boone Gallery featuring Brooklyn street artist work; KAWS and I wanted to check his work in person because I never got the chance to. The exhibition featured his famous statues, “ALONG THE WAY” and paintings he’s done. KAWS is known for his whimsical cartoonish style of art. KAW is also affiliated in the street wear world after he launched his clothing label, Original Fake. He recently had his “ALONG THE WAY” statues put up in the Brooklyn Museum, which I got a chance to see as well as the sneaker exhibition last year. The exhibition also included his paintings, “GLASS SMILE (2012) and SHOULD I BE ATTACKING (2013). Ever since my love for KAWS’s work, I found …show more content…
With pieces of his work going for over $30,000 his impact on the art world will always be remembered. I learned about Pablo Picasso in high school however, I always liked his distinct style of cubism. Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on October 25, 1881. Besides from being an expatriate painter, Picasso is a printmaker, sculptor, stage designer, and expatriate. According to, he finished his first painting ever at the age of nine. His passion for painting ran in his family. He attended Barcelona’s School OF fine Arts where his father taught. Picasso’s father taught Pablo when he turned seven; he was also a museum curator. Interestingly, according to, Picasso’s father “decided that he would give up painting when Picasso was 13 years old because he felt his son was already a better painter than him.” Picasso’s unique style of cubism can be seen throughout a vast majority of his work. Cubism is a very important style because it revolotionalized modern art. One of my favorite paintings from Picasso is Three Musicians. Throughout this piece you can see the style of cubism put to use with the lines on three of the musicians boxy body shapes. You can see how Picasso used the repetition of this style by the instruments. Picasso also drew the instruments in a boxy shape. One of my favorite parts of this piece is the balance of colors. The blue from clarinet player mixed …show more content…
Barreau’s work represents females represented in a powerful, sophisticated, sharp manner. According to, “…women in the media and how the changing concept of feminine beauty through the ages, with different surges of feminism and other social developments, has formed an unrealistic portrayal of today’s ‘ideal’ woman and evolved into an almost unachievable illusion seen in magazines, advertising and films and on television.” Following advertisements that portrayed women before the ‘feminist boom’ of the 1980s first captivated Barreau. What I found most interesting about these advertisements is how they portrayed women. I recently learned these advertisements tried to give women the perfect image and tried to make them to something they were not. Barreau stands by the women’s rights movement by portraying it in her art. My favorite piece of art by Eleanor Barreau is Shhhh! (2011). Barreau drew this with oil on plywood. This is my favorite piece because the symbolism images portray. To me, this imagine just depicts the “perfect image” women are suppose to have in today’s society. You can see the shape of their body, Barreau made sure they were skinny and have the perfect smile. To include, when I see this picture I see how society is made up of images that are the “ideal” image. These ads tell women first and foremost how they should look in attempt to be the perfect female

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