Essay about Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Picasso

A Brief Biography

Pablo Ruiz Y Picasso was the most famous artist of the 20th century. He was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain. Picasso showed great talent at an early age. He loved to paint pictures of city life and was fascinated by the circus. He also enjoyed painting pictures of the day-to-day life of poor people in his neighbourhood and was also very poor himself. His father, Jose Ruiz Blasco, was a Castilian art teacher in Malaga and his mother, Maria Picasso, was an Andalusian of Majorcan origin. In 1896 Picasso entered the school of fine arts where his father was a professor.

In 1900, Picasso visited Paris, at the time the world's centre for art and literature, and became infatuated with
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It was these landscapes and those of George Braques that originated the style that, in 1908 was called "cubism".

In the summer of 1910, Picasso worked with George Braque, creating geometric paintings which called the viewers attention to the painted surface itself. In that same year (1910), Picasso's works were exhibited at the Photo-Secession Gallery in New York City.

In 1911, when Fernande Olivier left him, he met Marcelle Humbart, the mistress of the painter Louis Marcousis. She soon moved in with Picasso, who lovingly called her "Eva", signifying that she was the first woman in his affections, and began to paint her name into several still lives ("Ma Jolie," 1911-12, Museum of Modern Art, New York City; "J'aime Eva," 1912, Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, Ohio).

Spending the summer of 1911 with Braque at Ceret and Sorgues (Vaucluse), Picasso followed his friend's example in using the technique of "pasted papers", commercial paper imitating wood or marble, newspapers, matchboxes, tobacco labels and so on. This technique marked a change from the Analytical Cubism of 1910-11, still linked to Cezanne, to the Synthetic Cubism of the years 1912-14, which replaced common, recognizable images of reality by signs whose raw sculptural effect increased the expressive while they

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