Pablo Picasso 's Influence On The World Of Art Essay

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Pablo Picasso was of Spanish origin born in the city of Malaga. He was born on the 25th of October 1881. Pablo was the son of Don Jose Ruiz and Maria Picasso Lopez. He was a remarkable artist in the field of painting. He was also a sculptor, ceramicist, stage designer, and a poet. Picasso was a prominent figure, especially in the 20th century, because there were many art movements during that time. He had a great impact on the world of art which made him gain many fans and critics alike. He was the creator of Cubism together with Georges Braque. The artist was radical in his work and, as a result, he invented collage and contributed to symbolism and surrealism. Picasso was one of the greatest artists of modern art because he added many works to modern painting. His career lasted for almost seven decades.
Picasso’s style of art and works throughout his life
Picasso’s father, who was an art teacher and a traditional artist, trained him in 1890. By the age of 13, Picasso was studying at Barcelona’s School of Fine Art. He later transferred to Madrid’s Academy of San Fernando. In his life, he focused on painting like the great artists of history. The progress he made in the field of painting relates back to his early works. These works provide the most comprehensive records. His career began in 1894. His first work appeared in the article named the First Communion in 1896. This artistic work was an image of his sister, Lola. Still in the same year, Picasso painted the Portrait…

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