Pablo Picasso 's Influence On Art Essay

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After spending a lifetime creating over 20,000 pieces, that were often far ahead of his time, Pablo Picasso can be classified as one of the greatest artists in history. From a young child, he was given the greatest opportunities to attend his hometown’s most prestigious art school. Later which he ended up skipping class, and eventually transferring over to the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, Spain. Inevitably, Picasso became inattentive due to the lack of variety of techniques and styles, and started to skip class once again. During his absences he would travel throughout the city, and sketch the city’s scenery. After realizing the only style he could learn there was classicism, he then spent the greater part of his young adult life traveling throughout the eastern hemisphere and studying different painting styles. During this time, he discovered that he had the ability to adapt to several painting styles and techniques, and was capable of noticeably showing his growth through his many paintings. Pablo Picasso positively changed the art world by creating different paintings and drawings using several different artistic styles: African influences, the inception of cubism, and the ideas of classicism and surrealism.
After suffering and overcoming his emotional blue period and warming rose period, Picasso went to study the techniques and styles of African art. Here he learned that the values of African art differed extremely from the well known European traditional…

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