Essay on Pablo Picasso And Art Movements Of Symbolism And Surrealism

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Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in Spain. In 1900, he moved to France, where he began his career as a painter. He was a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Picasso is well known for his introduction and development of Cubism along with Georges Braque. He is also well known for his modern approach to painting. ("Pablo Picasso and His Paintings.") Picasso also invented the style of collage and contributed to the art movements of Symbolism and Surrealism. Picasso first emerged as a Symbolist, which can be seen in his Blue and Rose Periods. ("Pablo Picasso Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works.") From 1901-1904, Picasso was in his Blue Period. Picasso’s paintings were dark and dismal. Picasso used only a range of blue colors and sad subject matter. In 1904, he settled in Paris and began painting much happier themes. This was known as his Rose Period. (Voorhies) In 1906, he met Georges Braque, his palette and subject matter darkened and he began finding his way to a Cubist style. In 1907, Picasso finished his monumentally work, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. ("Pablo Picasso Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works.") Picasso was a risk taker. His style, influence, subject matter and technique were all so radically new and different for his time, which is why he has come to be considered one of the first modern painters. Firstly, his style of painting was a huge risk and was not well received at first. Picasso overall style was eclectic. His style changed and evolved over his career,…

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